Irish Music and Dance in London are delighted to announce their 3rd collaborative presentation with Music Network Ireland, featuring Ye Vagabonds & Natalie and Brittany Haas in concert on Friday 25th September 2020 at Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG. Doors open 7.30pm, tickets: £14.50 (£8.50 for under 30s) are now available from


Ye Vagabonds & Natalie and Brittany Haas consist of Diarmuid Mac Gloinn (voice, guitar)

Brían Mac Gloinn (voice, bouzouki, fiddle, mandolin), Natalie Haas (cello) and Brittany Haas (fiddle).


Music Network and Irish Music and Dance in London present an intriguing new combination of two extraordinarily talented sets of siblings. When family members play together, their musical language is intuitive and this unique connection brings with it the power to create something truly special. Ye Vagabonds brothers Brían and Diarmuids’ voices blend together seamlessly when united in close harmony, while the string playing of sisters Natalie and Brittany demonstrates a complete rhythmic and harmonic awareness of each other’s styles. Music Network has commissioned Ye Vagabonds to write a brand new song for this tour, which when in the hands of four such talented artists is sure to be something really special. Expect gorgeous melodies, stunning harmonies, rhythmic grooves and exquisite arrangements – these sublime siblings are not to be missed. 


“A labyrinthine treasure trove” – The Irish Times [on Ye Vagabonds album The Hare’s Lament]

“She has made the instrument right at home in Celtic music… effortlessly and brilliantly she switches between playing rhythm and the melody” – Folk Radio UK [on Natalie Haas]

“Complex harmonies and beautiful arrangements, chopping and pizzicato and other technical mastery” – Folk World [on Brittany Haas]

“Master craftsmen”– Hot Press [on Ye Vagabonds]


Ye Vagabonds: Winners of the 2019 BBC Radio Two Folk Award for Best Traditional Track


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